ColdPlay’s Chris Martin Graces Muzi’s Sondela Forever

Talk on global artistes supporting each other Chris Martin (Cold Play’s pianist) features on new song titled “Sondela Forever” with Muzi.

The new song is a special version of the second track on ’s “Zeno” project. The song came as a result of the special rendition Muzi did for “orphans” single by Cold Play, which led to the pianist Chris sending his own piano rendition of the artist’s “Sondela” single, which happened to be one of Chris’ best song on the Zeno album. 

added some lyrics and sent it back to Chris, who loved it so much and suggested the song should be released. They finalized to make the release of the song after the artist met at Paris after Muzi’s awesome performance at the Afropunk event in 2019, where Chris proudly revealed that Muzi had one of the best set up at the event.

Listen and cop your copy here

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