Connie Ferguson’s Introspective Moments After Shona’s Death

It has been a very difficult month for Connie Ferguson following the death of her husband Shona Ferguson. She’s been battling with the reality that she’ll no longer have him by her side.

Shona Ferguson died from coronavirus complications recently, throwing South Africa’s entertainment universe into a state of mourning.

In the intervening days following Shona’s funeral, Connie Ferguson has gone seriously spiritual, looking for solace in God’s words, and sharing scriptures from which she was apparently drawing strength.

She shared a passage from the book of Proverbs chapter 31 verse 25, which indicated that with God she’d remain clothed in dignity and with no fear for the future. In another post she thanked those who had stood by her and her family in their difficult moment.

Until his death Shona was a man seriously in love with Connie, and he did everything to show how deeply he loved her. In fact, such is the connection between them that many looked up to them as a couple.

His death was mourned and will be mourned for a long time thanks to the lies he touched and the impact he made in South Africa’s film universe.

Hopefully Connie finds a much deserved healing of her soul and spirit.

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