Coronavirus: Nasty C & Tellaman Detai Their Worst Memories Of 2020

Not everyone has it good all the time. In fact, sometimes people just put up a facade to hide what they are actually going through. This was especially true years ago when the coronavirus pandemic caught the world napping and several countries had to lock down to contain the spread of the virus.

The lockdown imposed on the country as a result of the pandemic affected many industries and celebrities and ordinary folks alike. One of those who were affected by it all and who has spoken about it is Nasty C.

The Zulu Man With Some Power described 2020 as one of his worst years ever. Not only was the coronavirus devastating, but the looting that followed also caught the songster’s attention, and he wished those never really happened. But then, out of the experiences comes vital life lessons.

Another notable musician who insisted he had a terrible 2020 is Tellaman, a rapper and music producer like the artiste mentioned earlier. If it were something he had control over, he would have ensured it never happened. But life doesn’t work that way.

While the coronavirus has not been exterminated, there is a better understanding of the virus now and the world is no longer on lockdown over it.

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