Costa Titch Cries Out After Losing YouTube Account To “Hackers”

South African rapper and dancer Costa Titch has claimed that his account, as well as his email, was hacked.

The songster made this announcement in a recent post to his stories. With the account no longer in his control, the songster lamented having lost 10 million views and 97k subscribers. Three crying emojis indicated just how bad he felt about the loss

In the same tweet, he asked anyone who can aid the recovery of the account to send him a direct message via Instagram. A praying hand emoji indicated he was hopeful and seriously pleading for whoever can help to do so.

In a follow-up story, the “Nkalakatha” hitmaker had announced that his team is talking to directly with a view to recovering the account. He thanked those who had reached out and offered to help him out.

Now, with the issue reported to directly, according to him, he and his team can only wait and hope for the best.

By the way, with his recent social media post, Costa Titch joins a swelling rank of Mzansi celebs who have lost their accounts to “hackers.” Hopefully, he recovers the account soon. Stay tuned for that news.

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