Costa Titch’s Mother Makes Weighty Vow Over His Death

It has been said that nothing compares to a mother’s love, and that mother’s can do anything to defend their own. But simetimes life happens, giving them no chance and no arsenal to defend agsidnt the inevitable, That is exactly the case with Cost Titch’s mother.

She has been struggling to get over her son’s sudden death. The “Big Flexa” chanter was perdorning at an event in Johannesburg when he collapsed and died. It was was said back then that the on-stage lights had induced a seizure that cost him his life.

What really happened on the day he died and what actually killed him have ben sources of curiosity to many across South Africa. Recently, Costa Titch’s mother, writing on her late son’s Instagrm page ignited curiosity when she implied there was more to his death than the public was made to believe.

Part of her post read,“I promise you my son, that I will not rest until I find out what happened to you,” which made many to wonder what was it she knew that the public doesn’t. You can check out her post below.

Costa Titch'S Mother Makes Weighty Vow Over His Death 2

Costa Titch’s death came soon after South African rapper AKA was gunned down on the streets of Durban just after leaving a popular restaurant.

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