COVID-19: Ramaphosa’s New Verdict of Masks (Video)

For South Africans who’re opposed to masks, there’s a piece of good news as President Ramaphosa has announced that masks are no longer required outdoors.

The president made this known in an address to the nation yesterday, March 22.

He, however, clarified that it’s not required only in an outdoors setting, like in outdoor gatherings, walking or jogging in the streets. Masks would still be needed in public transport, offices, and malls.

The new rules stem from the president’s verdict that, unlike previously, South Africa is now better prepared to face what might lay ahead in the battle against the novel coronavirus.

On the implementation of lockdown measures previously, the president has no apologies. According to him, although it was unprecedented, it helped curtail the spread of the virus.

He also admitted that the pandemic had changed things forever, including how people work and relate. But, while acknowledging the impact of the virus was devastating to the country, he also noted the extraordinary measures taken to ensure the people have a better life.

Some South Africans are unimpressed, however. And some of them think the president is complicit in foreigners getting into South Africa illegally and taking jobs that should go to the local population.

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