COVID-19: Redi Tlhabi Defends Stance On Vaccination

The coronavirus vaccine and vaccination debate continue. This time, the focus appears to be on Redi Tlhabi, a news anchor and author who was one of the vaccine influencers.

In case you missed it, some people across South have been complaining about the side effects of the coronavirus vaccines, especially the one from Pfizer.

Some reports have alleged that some people died from taking the vaccine. This claim had made some social media users go for vaccine influencers and others who had pressurized the populace to get the shot.

Redi was one of those the anti-vaxxers went for. It turns out she has no apologies for her actions as, according to her, neither she nor her family and friends had any side effects from taking two vaccines, as well as booster shots.

Some social media users would not be persuaded, however. Some even denounced her as a criminal and called for her arrest.

While the focus of some people’s anger of vaccine advocacy, it would be interesting to see who the angry public will flay next over the side effects of the coronavirus vaccine – Pizer’s or not.

Anti-vaxxers taking out their anger on celeb influencers is nothing new nor would it end with Redi.

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