Da L.E.S Details His Falling Out With Bongani Fassie

South African rapper Da L.E.S recently threw caution to the wind. Now he has informed his fans why he fell out with fellow musician Bongani Fassie, the only son of the late Brenda Fassie.

The songster revealed why he fell out with Bongani Fassie during a sit-down with McG. He detailed how as young men he had Bongani had started skating at Fourways Skate Park through a tunnel. He confessed they took the tunnel because they were smoking weed.

Da L.E.S, Bongani Fassie, Crazy Lu and Ishmael were once part of a band called Jozi – that’s a local word of Johannesburg. The quartet split years ago. The prevailing opinion is that there is bad blood among them, especially Bongani Fassie and Da L.E.S.

Da L.E.S. denies any prevailing animosity, however. He said Bongani had left the record label to which the Jozi group was signed because he felt the label was screwing them.

Apparently Bongani had expected Da L.E.S to leave with him. But Da L.E.S choose to stay to complete the contract he signed. This did not go down well with Bongani. Still he insists there is no beef between him and Bongani,

Well, what do you think, peeps?

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