DBN Gogo Addresses Asake’s Amapiano Rise

Asake is the in-thing in Nigerian music right now, thanks partly to his recently released album, “Mr Money with The Vibe (MMWTV),” which was infused with amapiano. 

The chart-tipping project was infused with amapiano, something South African amapiano artists noticed, and it turned out they are pretty worried, else Nigerians might make take the genres from South Africans, who are reportedly the originators of the genre.

One of those to recognise this possibility is the singer DBN Gogo. In a post on her Instagram stories, she noted that South African amapiano artists are in trouble if they remain complacent and do t force their way through doors with the genre. Should they stay complacent, Nigerians would take the genre for themselves and even change the narrative, which South Africans currently control. 

One of the Major League DJz brothers, Bandile, shared a similar view. According to him, he has been saying something similar, and if nothing is done about it, well, the orb of amapiano music might vanish from the hands of Mzansi. He also graciously acknowledged Asake’s amapiano powers. 

Well, it remains to be seen if Nigerians will manage to snap the amapiano orb from the hand of South Africans. Piano music is currently one of the most visible genres in the Rainbow Nation. 

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