DBN Gogo’s Reaction To Lamiez Playing ‘Khuza Gogo’

DBN Gogo’s beautiful reaction to Lamiez playing her song, “Khuza Gogo” at an event.

For so long, society has taught us that women will always rival each other. It has also become a huge thing in the music industry, with many trying to tear each other down. However, it is nice to see some writing a whole different story.

A recent video circulating the internet features DBN Gogo and Lamiez showing each other love at an event. Apparently, Lamiez played “Khuza Gogo”, and DBN rushed to the stage to dance with her. It was truly a beautiful moment seeing two successful women show love to and support each other.

Gogo continues to rock Mzansi one step at a time. She recently kicked off the “Dakiwe” challenge which features her practically swooning to the beat with friends. Lamiez has also promoted her husband’s new Amapiano song “Buyile”. Shout out to the both of them.

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