Death, Death, Death In The Industry: Nadia Nakai Freaking Out Over Costa Titch’s Passing

No one knows the hour. That is the morbid reality of death. But when death keeps snagging notable figures, people are bound to start asking questions. And that’s what’s happening right now following the death of South African rapper and dancer Costa Titch.

The songster had collapsed and died while performing at the Expo Centre in Johannesburg on Saturday, March 11. The incident sent shockwaves across South Africa, which was still reeling from the assassination of another notable rap figure AKA.

Reacting to Costa Titch’s death, Nadia Nakai, who happens to be AKA’s lover and is still mourning the death of her man, appeared exasperated with the spate of deaths and implored death in a twee to “please stop.” If death would listen to her please is as good as you can guess.

In a different tweet, she noted that she is freaked out by the deaths in the industry.

But her tweet showed the state of mind of many across South Africa at the time of writing. People are upset; people are angry; and people are tired of the incessant deaths.

For Costa Titch, he at least made a great impact before death intruded. His funeral and memorial details will be out shortly

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