Dee Koala Dishes Freestyle Over Coca Cola Beat Cans

Mzansi rapper, Dee Koala delivers a dope over Coca Cola beat Cans.

There are big time geniuses in Mzansi. Shout out to the talent, Dee Koala. She’s proven over and over that her talent is the gift that keeps giving. We must confess, we are always proud to stan her.

The SA star recently gave fans an amazing show on social media. She shared a video of herself with a couple other artists dishing a dope over Coca Cola beat cans. She does it effortlessly and leaves us all in awe of her talent. The best part is that she wants her fans to do it. That’s for those who can.

Did we mention there’s R2000 up for grabs. All you have to do is make your own track with your friends, record and post it on Instagram. You will also get to join her on an IG Live chat. Check out the full info below.

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