Dee Koala Says “I established myself” Before Riky Rick’s Co-sign

Dee Koala says she established herself first before Riky Rick’s co-sign impacted her career.

The late SA Hip Hop star Riky Rick will always be remembered for how much he impacted lives and co-signed some of the best young talents on the scene. Rick co-signed Dee Koala and helped bring her more audience.

Appearing in a chat with Zingah on Chopping’ It With Bhudha T Podcast, she opened up about Rick’s impact on her career. When asked if she thinks Rick’s co-sign helped impact her rap career, she said, “I think I established myself as an artist way before.”

She added, “I was very scared of how Joburg was gonna perceive me because I felt like a lot of people were like the same in terms of energies. You never knew anyone for who they are in Joburg, you just know what they show you,”

On her working relationship with the late rapper, Dee said: “When I worked closely with Riky he showed me a different life but I learnt from him that you guys do have personalities, that sometimes there’s an act that has to be done in the lights, but once you chill with them behind the lights, there’s a personality with deeper thoughts, the person with the brain.”

“So he taught me that yes you need to be consistent but also dont forget who you are, he knew I was a superstar before I thought I was. So when he would say it I would have thought that he knew because he used to lift me up.”

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