Deontay Wilder Stops Robert Helenius In First Round – Watch

In the course of his career, he had lost fights, and he’d won fights. However, Deontay Wilder’s most recent victory against Helenius has been the talk of the Internet since it happened. Wilder had an easy knockout against his opponent, and boxing buffs have been talking about what went down ever since.

Deontay Wilder was magnanimously in victory, noting in the press conference soon after the fight that everyone should respect fighters when they win or lose. But, for the most part, most people who are adept at mocking boxers who lose fights are themselves powerless in the ring – would never dare go there.

Boxing is a savage sport, he readily agreed. And while a fighter might be okay a day after the fight, anything might happen a day after or sooner. It’s never an easy game, and people should learn to respect those with the courage to pop into the ring.

To show that he was serious about his take on boxing, he visited his opponent in his hotel room a day after the match, where he apologized for what went down and asked Robert if he was okay. Then, the two shared a hug.

Before his loss to Wilder, Robert had beaten Adam Kownacki and Mateus Roberto Osorio.

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