Disney Plus To Limit Ads To Four Minutes In New Package

In March this year, Disney Plus announced it will be introducing a new ad-supported plan into its service in the United States, from where it would roll into other countries. More details are only beginning to emerge about this new chapter in the life of the service. 

While the ad-supported plan isn’t yet active, it will roll out later this year. Disney Plus plans to limit ads to only four minutes on movies and shows that last an hour or less. 

With this choice, Disney Plus appears to be treading a cautious path in its use of ads because NBC’s Peacock streams five minutes of ad for one hour of a movie or show, and Hulu, another Disney-owned network, runs nine to 12 ads to its audiences in an hour of streaming. 

Disney Plus would not accept ads from rivals, however. Also, plans are underway to remove ads from shows for preschool audiences with profiles of a kid. 

The plan to introduce another ad-supported project has been greeted with mixed reactions from social media users. Some appear to favour it, while others think tossing in ads is a reason for a big groan. Anyway, it remains to be seen how things take off. Stay tuned. 

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