Distruction Boyz Announce Split

Distruction Boyz announce they've split

Distruction Boyz announce they’ve split to focus on their solo careers.

We are here wondering how we didn’t see this coming. For sometime now, popular DJ duo, Distruction Boyz have been more focused on their solo careers leading fans to thinking they were fighting. But, from what we hear, that isn’t the case at all.

In a recent interview with Sunday Sun, revealed that there’s no bad blood between them. He said, “there is no bad blood between us, it’s just that we are focusing on our solo careers“. Well, that has been very noticeable for a while now.

Finally, the duo announced they have split. Que revealed that he is currently working on his solo album, while has already released a new song. He calls it “Iphupho Lami” featuring Skye Wanda, and Masuda. The song was released last week. Well, to the both of them on their solo careers.

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