DJ Clen Wants To Work With Amapiano Star Pabi Cooper

SA Hip Hop star DJ Clen says he wants to work with Amapiano artist Pabi Cooper.

The Piano movement has been drawing many artists from other genres. We have seen some SA Hip Hop artists working with big names on the Piano scene. DJ Clen may just be the latest one.

The “Viral” star recently tweeted about his eagerness to work with Pabi Cooper after watching her performance on the Red Bull 64 Bars Freestyle. He wrote, “I’m telling ya’ll after watching that Redbull freestyle. I’m so eager to work with Pabi, man😀😀 She’s viral,” Cooper has been killing it all year.

She scored a BET Awards nomination this year and has traveled the world performing. We are certain she would eat on a Hip Hop beat. Clen, on the other hand, received acclaim for his latest album “Viral,” which featured Jay Jody, A-Reece, Una Rams, KLY, IMP THA DON, and more.

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