DJ Fresh Exposes Co-host, Mantsoe Pout, For Leaving Her Wig At Work

seems to be having in the mood of exposing his co workers as he took to social media to share the wig is colleague Mantsoe Pout forgot on her desk after their drive time show on the radio station.

took to his social media page on Tuesday the 10th of March 2020 to share a video exposing how comfortable his co host get at work to the extent she forgot to put her wig back on and left it at work. The DJ and presenter further revealed that Mantsoe took it off during a show and forgot to put it back on after the show. Mantsoe in turn said her wig was an accessory and she could remove it whenever she wanted to

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The DJ recently gave his view on the resignation of Thabethe’s from radio station, saying it was a great loss for the station.

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