DJ Lamiez Holworthy’s Shakes Twitter With Money Advice

DJ shakes with recent money advice.

Mzansi TV presenter, is out here shaking tables. The talented Disc Jockey doled out some really good advice about money and it’s already getting massive reactions from people on social media.

According to her, “you can’t need other people’s money urgently”. As simple as that reads, it has got some massive reactions on with some agreeing with her, and others calling her out for supposedly being insensitive. The tweet got a reaction from fellow DJ, Fresh who revealed that some people feel entitled to other people’s money.

In all honesty, this is a conversation many do not want to have, that’s why everyone is shaken by it. users have tweeted their thoughts on the issue. Some believe that certain situations leave you needing urgent assistance. However, some still think urgency isn’t needed when asking other people for money. What do you think?


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