DJ Sbu Launches 12-Flavour Mofaya Carbonated Soft Drink Range

DJ Sbu’s enterprising spirit is still flourishing, and it’s a pleasure watching him make new business moves. The star DJ has just added a couple of soft drinks to his energy drink line. And Mzansi is happy for him

DJ Sbu, the de facto Hustler-in-Chief  of South Africa, unveiled the new range of Mofaya soft drinks himself. In the picture which was shared by the Mofaya brand official Twitter account, he is standing just behind the new soft drink range, his hands raised like a pope about to release benediction on the faithful.

The new range is carbonated soft drinks. The drinks come in 12 flavours: Mofaya Cola, Mofaya Iron Brew, Mofaya Grape, Mofaya Ginger Beer, Mofaya Orange, Mofaya Lemon, Mofaya raspbrry, Mofaya Lemonade, and Mofaya Crème Soda.

The unveiling of the carbonated soft drink range excited his fans as well as his fellow, musos, who wasted no time lavishing him with their congratulations. Black Coffee, DJ Tira, Shimza and Natasha Thahane are among those who had congratulated him so far. Check out the screenshots below

What do you make of DJ Sbu’s latest soft drink adventure?  You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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