DJ Speedsta Apologizes To Fans For Twar With Nasty C

DJ Speedsta sends out an apology to his fans for his Twar with rapper, Nasty C.

It is obvious that Nasty C and DJ Speedsta have no love for each other with the way they’ve been going this year. It now makes it hard to remember the times when they were cool with each other.

Mzansi got a full dose of entertainment last week when they both went for each other’s throats. The back and forth was on a whole other level, and ended with Speedsta calling the Zulu Man’s new album “sh*t”. Seems that hasn’t affected the album’s streams because it is still going strong.

However, he has now come out to apologise to his fans for his conduct during the twar. According to him, he is surprised to still have work but also grateful he got things off his chest. He also revealed he’s done with the war now. Well, only time would tell.

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