DJ Speedsta Teases Nasty C For Saying He’s ‘Jealous’

The beef between South African rappers, and Nasty C, is one that will likely not end anytime soon. The two rappers have shown that their beef will continue to go on for a while.

In a recent international interview, award-winning rapper, Nasty C, stated that is ‘jealous.’

At first, ignored the statement by laughing it off. However, he later took to his page to write:

Tshawana men with some power.

His tweet was subtly shading the latest album released by Nasty C titled ‘Zulu Man With Some Power.’

This proves that the stars are far from ending their beef. In a recent interview with US host, Vlad, on Vlad TV, Nasty C called Speedsta a jealous clout chaser.

The ‘Strings And Bling’ hitmaker said:

I think it’s more of a jealousy thing more than anything. I don’t see how (Speedsta’s) initial point has to do with any of the stuff he went on to say.

He continued:

The first thing was that he gave me a song, which I tried to correct him on because he didn’t. Then he only apologised for his mistake 10 tweets down the line…like only then he admits that there might have been a problem with his wording in the first tweet. Something he should have said in the first place instead of going on and on.

The ‘I Don’t Know’ hitmaker sarcastically replied to the interview by tweeting:

Dope interview!!!

Later on, he made a tweet that implied that he had power over Nasty C for him to mention his name in an interview.

Nasty C recently expressed his distaste over Speedsta’s claim of one of his hit songs. The rapper had stated that the hit song is his. He stressed on the fact that he was the owner of the song before he passed it on to the young rapper.

With the look of things, we can’t be certain if the talented rappers would opt for a collaboration anytime soon.

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