DJ Tira Explains Himself After Getting Dragged For Mocking A Dancing Girl

DJ Tira speaks out after being dragging for mocking a girl's moves

explains himself after getting dragged for mocking a girl’s dance moves.

Black may love you for being a huge talent that makes them proud everyday but they wont hesitate to call you out anytime you mess up. A lot of Mzansi celebs have become victims of falling on the wrong side of social media and have tasted the feeling of getting dragged.

may be the king of the airwaves but on the streets of , he’s just another celeb getting scrutinised for little mistakes. The talented disc jockey stirred up Twitter when he shared a now-deleted video of a girl dancing with a caption many were not impressed by.

After getting called out for mocking the girl’s dance moves, the super producer spoke out. In his defence, he only shared the video because an song was playing in the background. He also revealed he didn’t mean to mock her.

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