DJ Tira Might Appear On “The Queen”

DJ Tira might appear in an episode of "The Queen"

SA producer, Tira might make a cameo appearance in an episode of The Queen.

If you were asked, what you would do after you’ve achieved practically all of your dreams, what would you say? Some would say that they’d tick some things off of their bucket lists as would we too.

Mzansi disc jockey, Tira is practically one of the most successful and accomplished DJs in all of Mzansi. It is hard to imagine what his heart still longs to do with all the things he’s already accomplished. Maybe he has plans to do movies.

Judging from a recent photo of himself and producer, Shona Ferguson, on the set of The Queen, it looks like he is already doing something about that. It is possible that the talented hit maker might appear in an episode of the series. Check this, he even got a congratulatory reaction from actress, Connie Ferguson.