DJ Zinhle Celebrates Daughter Kairo Forbes On Her Birthday

Kairo Forbes celebrated her birthday yesterday 8 July 2020 and much of Mzansi celebrated with her, including, of course, her mother DJ Zinhle.

DJ Zinhle took to Instagram and poured her soul out, calling Kairo the angel and the blessing which has brought her so much joy. She loves Kairo so much, she said, provoking a flood of good wishes from her fans.

A mother’s ultimate wish is to see her child live and grown into somebody in the future. DJ Zinhle is living that wish already, as Kairo Forbes is now a celebrity in her own right with over a million followers on Instagram.

By the way, AKA, Kairo’s father, reportedly cheated on DJ Zinhle when she was pregnant with Kairo. Bonang Matheba was the woman he alleged cheated with. He broke up with DJ Zinhle soon after, taking a vacation in Bonang’s arms.

Not long after, he broke up with Bonang as well, accusing her of witchcraft, among other “sins.” He’d warmed himself into DJ Zinhle’s arms again, renewed his relationship with her, and vanished yet again.

Well, right now, DJ Zinhle is receiving serious attention from another muso, and she’s loving it. Old things – sorry, old AKA – is past and all things have become “MB.”

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