DJ Zinhle Partners With Nungu Diamonds and Announces Giveaway

After a splendid outing with Infinix and Doowap on the PJ House Party last week, “Uzobuya” songstress Zinhle is back to facing some mercantile ish.

In a move that failed to surprise her keenest followers, the singer announced a new partnership with celebrity jeweler Nungu Diamonds. She chooses a symbolic day for the announcement: Women’s day and even announced a giveaway.

To be eligible to win a prize of either an Mbokodo 18k white diamond pendant with a chain and an EraByDJZinhle Mbokodo watch worth R17k, fans need to nominate a woman of 21 and above (or themselves).

Also, they are required to 1) follow @nungudiamonds on 2) repost the  picture of the giveaway and state how the nominee has been impactful  in their lives, and 3) use the hashtah #NunguLovesEraWomen.

The giveaway has provoked a frenzy on . Last we checked, it is still open. So go ahead and try your luck.

By the way, Zinhle has also announced she will be giving a free bucket hat to fans who spend up to R999 on her website She said terms and conditions apply, but failed to detail what they are on her Instagram.

Anyway, you might want to check out what is on offer on her website.

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