DMs: Khanyi Mbau’s Ex Kudzai Mushonga Drops Bombshell About Their Failed Relationship

Khanyi Mbau’s ex-lover, the Zimbabwean socialite Kudzai Mushonga, opened up about his relationship with her, noting how he was depressed and felt isolated and even contemplated sharing his wealth and taking his own life at some point.

He made this known in a message recently sent to a gossip blog, the details of which you would read presently.

In his letter, which indicated a man hopelessly in love with his lady and ready to do her every bidding, he noted that for almost two years, he had a fixed daily routine: work 18 hours ago, sleep and repeat and maybe go to the barber.

Around that period, he claimed to have had very minimal contact with the outside world and his health was falling apart. When he tried to step out, according to him, it disrupted the peace in his relationships. It was so bad that he fell into depression. You can check out his detailed message below.

Kudzai Mushonga, a Zimbabwean, had once been declared wanted by the Zimbabwean authorities for fraud. He and his associate had reportedly collected a loan under false pretences and refused to pay it back. He denies any wrongdoing to this day.

It will be interesting to see how Khanyio Mbau would respond to his message.

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