Doc Shebeleza Speaks After False Death Claims: “I Am Not Dead.”

Doc Shebeleza refutes claims of his death.

The star, Doc Shebeleza, has responded to false rumour claiming that he is dead. Doc Shebeleza stated that the rumour was spread so much that his family members and close friends were constantly calling to be sure that he is okay.

Doc Shebeleza assured his fans that he is in a good state of health and even “still sexually active.”

The Gets Getsa hitmaker is tired of the false rumour that has been going around about his death. The muso told Daily Sun on Sunday that:

Believe me, I’m not dead.

I’m here, I’m healthy and I’m still sexually active.

Doc Shebeleza also said:

It’s only God who can decide when I’ll die.

He revealed that he is engaged with a ton of philanthropic work, such as helping child-headed households. He does not plan to release new music soon.

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