Dr Tumi puts the homophobia rumours to rest

Dr Tumi puts rumours of him being homophobic to rest.

Dr Tumi is one of Mzansi’s biggest Gospel artists, and also one of the most recognized in the continent. However, he has also been plagued with rumours of homophobia which he hasn’t found funny at all. Some rumours say that he’s also attracted to the same sex but that has never been confirmed.

After a recently video shoot, the singer decided to put the rumours to rest. He shared a video of himself addressing some of the comments he had seen concerning it this week. He revealed that a lot of these rumours were spun to tarnish his image as he does not discriminate against or hate anyone because of their sexual orientation.

He also revealed that he knows the people who have been spreading the rumours, and stated that the people involved know his stance and have no issue with him. Check out the videos below.

John Jabulani

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