Duncan Called Jub Jub ‘Bitter’, Find Out Why

Here's the reason why Duncan called Jub Jub bitter

Here’s why Mzansi rapper, called bitter.

‘s show “Uyajola 9/9” is one of the most controversial shows airing in Mzansi and there are reasons for that. As much as the show has so much fans, it also has a lot of unimpressed viewers following it.

A recent episode of the show got a reaction from Mzansi rapper, who took to Twitter to label “bitter”. According to him, the cheater on the show was obviously apologetic but made it all worse. In the episode, a lady suspecting that her man was cheating employed Jub Jub’s team to investigate.

When her bae was caught red handed with the side chick, things escalated. The side chick began hurling insults on the lady resulting in a physical altercation between the two while her man stood by looking apologetic. In Duncan’s opinion, Jub Jub was the reason why it all escalated.

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