Elaine Welteroth Consoles Sharon Osbourne After Emotional Meltdown

Sharon Osbourne was driven to tears on set after she was confronted over her support for CNN anchor Piers Morgan.

Back in March, Osbourne had tweeted her supported for Piers Morgan after he made (allegedly) racist comments on Meghan Markle. Addressing her support for Morgan back then, “The Talk” co-host had stated she does not share Piers Morgan’s opinion but supports his right to free speech.

Her support for the CNN anchor cropped up in an episode of the talk show, leading to an intense exchange and Osbourne’s exit from the show.

The show’s co-host Welteroth would admit she was asked to field the question that upset Osbourne and drove her to tears. She also admitted that when she was asked to field the question, she objected, fearing it would lead to a meltdown – exactly what happened later.

Osbourne had reportedly cried because, according to her, being forced to defend herself made her “look guilty.” In an audio, Sharon could be heard apologizing to Osbourne, letting her know she was sorry about how everything went down.

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