Emotional Moment Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Buys House For Homeless Zimbabwean Wrestler – Watch

Kindness, they say, will never go out of style. And Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson showed just how true this is recently when he gifted a homeless Zimbabwean wrestler Thembi Gorimbo a house.

It was a surprise no one saw coming – not even Thembi himself, Expectedly, the gesture has been received with pleasure from around the world, as peeps praise Johnson for coming through for another athlete in need.

It was an emotional moment for Thembi himself as he got the keys to his new abode. He fell into Johnson’s arms in a warm hug. John shared that emotional post in a post on his verified Twitter page.

In the caption to his post, he enjoined the MMA fighter to enjoy his new home with his family. “Lights are on. Bills are paid,” read part of the caption. He also made it known that, like the Zimbabwean, he had had a downtime himself and perfectly understands what the Zimbabwean is going through.

In gratitude for the home gift, Thembi noted that the money he had been saving to get a house, he would now use to acquire another borehole for his people back in Zimbabwe. He had previously built a borehole for them.

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