Emtee calls University of Cape Town racist

Emtee calls University of Cape Town a racist institution

Mzansi rapper, Emtee calls University of Cape Town a racist institution.

While we have seen Emtee call out various people in his Tweets, it is surprising to see him make a switch. The SA Hip-hop star has his eyes set on a new foe, not a person, an institution; the University of Cape Town.

In a recent world ranking, the popular institution was named the best University in Africa, and the 136th in the world. Reacting to the news, Emtee called it “the best in racism” too. What his grounds were for tweeting that, no one knows, but in his defence he has facts to prove it.

Of course his fans tried to prove him wrong. A fan told him he schooled there for 4 years and never experienced racism. Another asked what his reasons were since the university is run by a black woman. We do hope he tells us more about this.

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