Emtee Fights For Music Producers Being Paid Full Rates

SA Hip Hop star, Emtee is speaking out to make artists pay music producers their full rates.

If anyone is against artists or producers being exploited for their work in the SA music industry, it is rapper, Emtee. Of course, everyone knows about his exit from former label, Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The rapper is speaking out again, but not for himself this time. According to tweets shared on his Twitter account, he’s fighting for a music producer’s rights for artists to pay him what he is worth. The producer in question is BlackTears, with whom The Hustla worked on the song “All My Life”.

He seemingly called out a recent artist who worked with the producer, to pay him his full rates. After revealing that BT is cooking up hot new joints in the studio, he urged the ‘artist’ to pay him his full rates. Hopefully, the producer gets paid what he’s worth.

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