Emtee Ready To Pay 3000 Rands For Cover Art Designs Of New Projects

Emtee recently took a break from social media. Looking back, it was a break for good as the songster has apparently been working on a new project which might be out anytime soon.

The songster has just posted that he needed a graphic designer for his projects “DIY3” and “Logan” (named for his son). Fans have been expecting both projects. It looks like both will be out soon. But first the covers.

The songster is willing a pay R3,000 for each cover, an enormous sum given the current pricing of album cover art design in the country. Actually the initiative is meant to encourage hitherto unknown talents to explore the farthest orbits of their creativity and bring to life something the “Prayer” muso will like.

Emtee has no plans of using other graphic designers other musicians have been using.

So if you’re a graphic designer and have an idea of a splendid cover art for both projects, you might want to start designing for the champ. You just might get lucky and pocket a fair sum as well as modest publicity for your work.

On our part, we’ll surely serve y’all both projects on release. Stay tuned by following our social media channels.

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