Emtee Reveals Why He Doesn’t Smile When Taking Pictures With Fans

SA Hip Hop star Emtee has revealed shy he never smiles when taking photos with fans.

Emtee is one of the biggest rappers in the history of South African Hip Hop. Also, he is one of the realest and most honest celebrities ever. He has made it a norm, to be honest about his feelings no matter how it makes anyone feel.

He is also known to motivate his fans through his music. However, the star has often been spotted in photos with fans with a mean face. Some wonder why and have often spoken about it on social media. Taking to Twitter, the “Brand New Day” finally opened up about it.

He wrote, “People always request/demand that I smile when they take a picture with me. Smile for what? For who? I AM NOT HAPPY, and I’m a terrible actor. I can’t pretend.” Emtee has been through so much in the public eye, and he insists he can’t pretend he’s okay

The rap star is currently undergoing a divorce process from his wife. She accused him of assault and later withdrew the charges. Emtee also tweeted that every woman he has dated did him dirty. We honestly hope he finds happiness.

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