Emtee Reveals Why He’s Wearing A Bulletproof Vest

SA star has shared why he’s wearing a bulletproof vest in a recent Live video.

It is no longer news that the streets aren’t safe for our favourite artists. The passing of DJ Sumbody was a painful slap in all our faces. It also proved that our faves must protect themselves from anything and everything.

gets this, and that’s why he’s been wearing a bulletproof vest. The Mzansi rapper was spotted wearing a vest in a Live video. He shared that he’s protecting himself from “n**gas” trying to kill him. In his own words, they’re trying to do him like DJ Sumbody.

According to the “Wave” rapper, he will not let that happen because he’s not going like that, and he has kids. The star is seen in good spirits in the Live video. He even gives fans a full  You can check the video out below.

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