Emtee tweets apology to his wife – “I love you Mrs Ndevu”

tweets out an apology to his wife “I love you Mrs Ndevu”.

It seems Mzansi rapper, is currently working on getting his family back together. The “Brand New Day” rapper recently took to his page to send an apology to his wife. He had previously accused her of abusing him.

Emtee’s followers came to know about their marital troubles last November when he tweeted about it. He revealed that she constantly abused him emotionally and financially. He also stated that he was innocent of all she had accused him of.

His exact words were “Tryna do me dirty no matter how much I stay out the way or keep to myself”. He also accused her of bringing her family (a very buff brother, uncles, and evil-eyed mother) to come and hit him. He accused her mother of choking him. We do hope they’ve finally sorted things out between each other.

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