Emtee’s Dismisses Possible Collaboration With A-Reece

They have never been on the best of terms, although back in the past they were label mates at Ambitiouz Entertainment, a record label that has experienced massive exodus recently.

Emtee, whose ambitions transcend music and who is noted for always speaking his maid, has spoken up on the possibility of any collaboration between him and A-Reece. Based on his response, it appears a collaboration is not in the books right now and may not be in the books in the future.

An Emtee fan recently asked him if he will work with A-Reece. Emtee was almost dismissive in his response, stating he can survive without a feature. Those words, some fans have noted, bear some beef threads. Do you think much the same?

By the way, A-Reece has a well-documented beef with the “Zulu Man With Some Power,” Nasty C. Emtee has never hidden his opinion that Nasty C is a better rapper than A-Reece, and that he prefers the “Zulu Man” to his rival.

Well, what do you think of Emtee’s response to the talk of collaborating with A-Reece, of the “Girls Got Dreams” fame? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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