Episode 1 Of “Flames” Documentary, Welcome To My Life Is Out

Flame gives his fans an insight into his life behind the music scene, showing scenes from his session at the studio to the making of his first album titled “Candyman”. Also highlighting his show preparations and so on.

Upon releasing the Candyman album in July last year he has since been getting great reviews from his fans. The award winning singer released the first episode of his highly anticipated documentary series with the title “Welcome to my life”. The documentary contains unscripted scenes from the rappers day to day life. 

The documentary brings his fans closer to him, such that they get to see more from how he composes his songs and how he records them in the studio to how he prepares for shows and all. According to a twitter fan “Flame definetly has the best Hip-Hop project in SA at the moment.”

Flame who didn’t have it all great last year has managed not to fall back on getting awards for his album. his documentary sees him unveiling his intentions to top the South African hip hop game.

Shot and directed by Larry On Sight and edited by Flame with the Photography directed by Mellow, watch below:

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