Equipment Was Stolen From Gift of the Givers’ Cape Town Office

According to reports, vital equipment was stolen from the Gift of the Givers Cape Town office during an early morning break-in. Metro offers a reward to anyone with information.

Recent reports reveal that essential equipment needed to fight fires blazing through Nelson Mandela Bay has been stolen from the helicopters provided by Gift of the Givers. In a shared statement, Mayor Retief Odendaal said that the NPO had informed him this morning that one of the helicopters was broken into on 2 December.

The burgled helicopter had been used to fight fires over the previous week. Odendaal announced that vital equipments were removed from the helicopter.

He said, “Although this may just have been an opportunity theft, considering the specific nature of the equipment stolen, there are suspicions that the culprit(s) may have wanted to hamper our firefighting abilities.”

“The Sacksafoam is a foam injection system for the transfer and dispensing of aerial firefighting foam, designed to be operated with the world-renowned Bambi Bucket.”

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