Eskom Addresses the Spectre of Potential Load Shedding Days Ahead

South Africans have been contending with the spectre of for a while now, and it appears like the spectre of that reality isn’t about to go away. And because Mzansi has been speaking about this reality, Eskom, the company responsible for generating and distributing electricity, is trending. 

In what South Africans have loudly deplored and called extreme, continued into the Easter period. 

However, the electricity behemoth does not see getting to stage six. So plans are underway to lift load shedding by the end of the week. 

If an extreme scenario should play out, with the bad weather and all, Eskom forecasts even more days (101) of ahead. 

About the that over during the Easter holidays, Eskom blamed it on the excessive rains. The rains had led to wet coal, which sticks, is difficult to handle, and leads to blockages. As a result, units that had been seriously affected by the rains had to be supported with fuel oil. 

South Africans aren’t exactly happy with the drama currently plating out, and they have been voicing their frustrations on social media platforms, including Twitter. 

It remains to be seen what will change in the coming days.

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