Eskom Has Announced Reduced Load-shedding

ESKOM to reportedly continue stage four load-shedding.

According to a recent report by MyBroadBand, Eskom has announced plans to continue load-shedding at stage four until further notice. This will be done instead of increasing to stage 5 in the evenings. According to the utility, the new change was because of some recovery they had in generation capacity in the past 24 hours.

However, further details on the reported “recovery” were not revealed. The initial plan had been to rotate load-shedding at various times in the day. That is stage 4 in the daytime (05:00 to 16:00), then stage 5 in the evening (16:00 to 05:00 the next day). This was to be done until Wednesday.

The utility has also announced plans to provide an update as soon as any significant changes occur. Reports also revealed that load-shedding had been implemented every day in 2023. This means that there have been more days with load-shedding (3 months) than there were in 2020.

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