Europe’s Biggest Ever K-Pop Festival, KPOP.FLEX, Coming To The O2 Arena In 2023

It’s about to be lit at the iconic O2 in London, as Europe’s biggest ever K-Pop festival, KPOP.FLEX, is to hit that arena for a three-day event. 

The organisers of the show, PK Events and Kpop Europa, announced the events would take place at The O2 Arena in what would be the first United Kingdom edition of the show. 

KPOP.FLEX had its maiden edition in Frankfurt, Germany, and featured the likes of Dreamcatcher and Kai. 

Expectations are particularly high for the London edition and for good reasons. The festival will hold in 2023 for three days, from September 22 to 24, and will open avenues for festival-goers to immerse themselves in Korean culture. 

On the second day of the London edition of the show, the first-ever KPOP.FLEX Awards For Emerging Artists will be held. 

Steve Sayer, VP and GM at The O2, is excited about what’s to come. He said his team can’t wait to build on previous equally popular K-pop performances at the venue and welcome some of the best Korean pop musicians to the arena. 

More details about the imminent show and the award will be released in the coming months by festival organisers. So follow us and stay tuned for updates. 

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