Eva Modika Calls Her Beef With Ayanda Thabethe Personal

Eva Modika has called her beef with Ayanda Thabethe “Personal”.

Indeed, it is a good day for more drama from our favourite female celebs. If you watched the latest episode of Mac G’s “Podcast And Chill” then you know why everyone has been talking about Eva Modika. She finally addressed her beef with Ayanda Thabethe, and gave us all the juice that we need.

According to her, their beef is personal. Now, here’s why. Eva believes that whatever Ayanda has against her began after she (Eva) saw her at a club with her boyfriend with whom Eva once had a thing. Nothing serious though. She claims Ayanda had no idea about that at the time.

According to her, Thabethe’s boyfriend bought her Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne, and since then, things have not been the same between them. She said “When she met her baby daddy, I saw them in the club and I went and said ‘hi’ to him, and he bought me alcohol, because me and him had a thing”.

She also addressed Ayanda’s claims in 2021 that she was the writer behind the blog, Maphepha Ndaba. In her IG stories, she wrote “I said I will not address this bullsh*t again! You honestly think I have all the time to be blogging? I chill the whole day writing 24/7? Get out, you are rude.” Check the full interview out below.

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