Excitement as Greyhound and Citiliner Set to Return Before Easter

Easter is just in the corner, and so is the return to service of the Greyhound and Citiliner luxury bus liners.

Both liners have been in operation for the past 37 years. In February 2021, however, they had ceased operating. 

Before then, the buses had operated at a loss, and its finances was exacerbated when the coronavirus struck. South Africa enforced lockdown measures across the country, restricting travel across the Rainbow Nation. As a result, the buses were auctioned.

With Easter close by, however, the luxury bus liners are coming back to service to handle the traffic in people, which is expected to increase around that period.

As early as next Wednesday, South Africans should expect to see the luxury liners back in the streets and doing what they have been doing in luxury for almost four decades. 

The news of the luxury liners returning to service is currently generating excitement in South Africa’s social media circles. Many state how they can’t wait to see the liners back in service and experience their luxury. 

Well, it remains to be seen how both liners will take off after more than a year out of service. You’re welcome to follow us right away and stay tuned. 

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