Excitement In Mzansi As Kabza De Small Teases Ami Faku Collaboration

Fans of the Piano King Kabza De Small were surprised when he teased a song with Vth season songstress and amapiano singer Daliwonga.

Kabza De Small had worked with a couple of time previously. But one cannot say the same of Ami Faku. So it is understandable why fans are excited about the Vth Season singer popping on a song by the Piano King.

is no amapiano artiste. But with a Kabza collaboration, she might end up with the tag of an amapiano artiste. is the zeitgeist in South right now, so a switch wouldn’t be a sin.

There’s no talk yet on when – or if – the teaser would become a full song in the future. And one can’t predict in this case, having teased and yet no released full songs in the past.

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Well are you looking forward to a formal release of the and collaboration? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.