Exploring the Legendary Recording Studios Around the World

When you think of the music industry, many will immediately think of the songs that were made famous or the artists that were behind them and helped the tracks reach the heights that they did.

While in this day and age, there are many that are finding their breakthrough via the use of technology with platforms like YouTube and other software tools that have helped them to create the sounds that they want, recording studios are still arguably the best place to produce the songs that are wanted to be created.

There are many the world over that have become synonymous with music enthusiasts because of the history that these places have, with many being etched into music folklore as the influence they have had has been indelible. But what are some of the most iconic recording studios?

Abbey Road Studios, London

One of the very first music studios many immediately think of is the Abbey Road Studios which is based in London. The location has been made one of the most famous around the planet because of its association with The Beatles. Many will instantly think of the album that the Scouse band had of the same name and the cover’s imagery, as this featured the iconic zebra crossing, which was being crossed by each member of the band.

Operational since 1931, the studio has also had huge success with modern-day talents such as Sam Smith, Frank Ocean, Florence + The Machine, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, and Adele, as well as iconic artists like Kate Bush, Oasis, Pink Floyd and others, while musical scores for films have also been created at the location.

What has made it popular with artists is that they have use of large recording rooms that come equipped with the latest technologies, including state-of-the-art SFX programs and tools that can help them to achieve the results that they are looking to accomplish in regard to the sounds produced. Historical influences such as vintage gear that can be found in the studios also help to create an environment where artists want to be as successful as the legends that have stepped in there and recorded before them.

Motown Records, Detroit

Motown Records Studio, which is also known as “Hitsville U.S.A.,” is located in Detroit, Michigan, and is widely considered to be the place where soul music was born. As a result, some of the world’s biggest soul artists have recorded music there, with Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, and The Temptations among the many iconic names to have used the location.

Founded by Berry Gordy in 1959, the studio’s unique feature is the fact that it is a small house. Located on 2648 West Grand Boulevard, it later became a museum after an expansion was experienced. The studio was based on the ground floor, alongside the control room and administrative office, while Gordy’s living quarters were based upstairs.

Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles

Ocean Way Studios is one of two famous recording studios that was once located in Los Angeles. This one was designed by Allen Sides; a legendary recording engineer. There were other studios based in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as St. Barts. There are no longer in operation, however there is no denying its historic significance.

Over the years, the studio had names including Frank Sinatra, Lionel Ritchie, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Sheryl Crow all perform and record music at the location over the years. One of the reasons many chose the location was because of the impeccable acoustics it offered, thus making it one of the best to record sounds in.

Sound City Studios, Los Angeles

The other music recording studio based in Los Angeles that has had a historical impact on the industry is the Sound City Studios. It is known as one of the most successful studios in the history of rock, with an incredible collection of artists having recorded tracks and albums at the location. This includes artists as legendary and iconic as Elton John to bands like Guns N’ Roses, Fleetwood Mac, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Nirvana. The list is endless and continues to expand.

The studio became synonymous because of its signature sound in regard to recording drums and live performances of rock bands, which is why so many have decided to record their music at this location on the west coast of America.

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