Faith Nketsi Trends After Allegedly Cheating on Boyfriend

Faith Nketsi ignited Mzansi’s social media after news filtered into multiple platforms that she had allegedly cheated on her rich boyfriend Nzuzo Njilo.

What interested most social media users – and what they mostly elected to focus on the most – was that Njilo had bought her a brand new Range Rover Lumma for her anniversary months before she allegedly cheated on him.

To some social media users, that’s an indication that no matter how rich you are, a woman will still cheat. And yet others wondered what could have made her dod what she allegedly did with another man.

One Twitter user joked that if Faith Nketsi should cheat after a Range Rover gift, what about those who receive just flowers and data.

When Faith Nketsi flaunted her Range Rover Lumma gift recently, she was the envy of many on the Gram. Some of her fans loudly wished to have a boyfriend that’s just as rich as generous.

Well, last we checked the reality television star has not addressed claims thst she cheated on her man, and even Njilo has not said anything about the whole drama.

If indeed she cheated, she wouldn’t be thre first celeb, man or woman, to have done that in a relationship.

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