Fame: Big Zulu Reveals The Way He Manages His Artists

Many people start singing or rapping, hoping to become famous and make it big in the industry. But then, most often than not, only a few actually make it to the top out there while some fizzle out almost as soon as they appear.

South African rapper Big Zulu, who owns the record label Inkabi Records has just given insights into his management style and how he prepares the artists signed to his record label for fame.

All around us are evidence of people who leapt from obscurity to fame only for them to be consumed by the same fame and become a pariah in society, with no one willing to associate with them.

The songster spilt the tea in a recent long post on his official Instagram page. He code-mixed effortlessly, giving fans a stew of English and Zulu. But the meat of his message is that he does not leave his artists to their devices but shows them the way – how to manage fame and make use of all the opportunities available to them, including endorsements. You can check out his post below.

Big Zulu is a famous musician himself, so he should know what he is talking about. And unlike some people, he didn’t have anyone to guide him when he started, a reality he party documented in his album “Ichwane Lenyoka.”

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